2022 Mazda 6 Sport Gets Appearance Upgrades

2022 Mazda 6 Sport – The last couple of years have witnessed a massive departure from the mid-sized passenger car sector in Australia. There was a change in the Ford Mondeo, Kia Optima, and Subaru Liberty were all axed in 2021. Meanwhile, the new Hyundai Sonata is available only as a single highly-specified, high-end model. Sales from those of the Honda Accord and Peugeot 508 barely make a dent.

2022 Mazda 6 Sport
2022 Mazda 6 Sport

2022 Mazda 6 Sport Price

The Sport sedan in the test is the cheapest option to purchase a model new Mazda 6, priced at $34,590, excluding on-road expenses. The wagon model costs $1300 more than the $34,590 cost. According to Mazda’s configurator, the Sports car costs $38,298 to drive away for a buyer who is a private one in Brisbane. There are a variety of Mica paint finishes is available however the three metallic options cost an additional $495.


Mazda 6 wears a five-star ANCAP safety rating based upon tests conducted in 2018. It scored 95 percent for adult occupant safety and 91 percent for child occupant safety and 66 percent for vulnerable road users and 73 percent for safety assistance. Its autonomic emergency braking device (Smart City Brake System in Mazda talk) detects vehicles with speeds between 4 and 80km/h, and pedestrians with speeds between 10 and 80km/h.In addition to soft-touch fabrics with beautiful stitching patterns across the console, but there are also soft leatherette trims on the sides of the central console. The soft-touch surfaces continue on the uppers of the doors, both rear and front, and the black-on-black colorway is broken up by some stylish, metal-like trim on the doors and dash. The area where it is that the Mazda 6 shows its age is in its infotainment system. It’s running the old MZD Connect system. So, although its 8.0-inch screen remains competitive its graphics look old-fashioned and response times may be a little slow. This includes when you start the car and you do not connect the smartphone you used to mirror at the time you took the drive, which can result in a long loading screen.

2022 Mazda 6 Sport Interior
2022 Mazda 6 Sport Interior

The navigational graphics, at a minimum, are uncluttered and clean The dial is well-weighted, and makes it easy to navigate through the system. It is also possible to use the key shortcuts that you can place next to the dial to switch to certain functions, and there’s a button that you can program to be the shortcut to your preferred feature. Then I had to deal with the same issue that I’ve experienced before with different Mazda products. It’s possible to toggle between Night, Day, and Auto modes to adjust the brightness of the infotainment display however the Auto mode doesn’t dim the screen during nighttime for me. This isn’t just a smartphone-related issue, since it isn’t just affecting Android Auto but also the regular interface. It’s possible to drive in the dark with headlights on high beam and the display would be shining as the beacon that homing in.

Mazda’s parts-bin climate control system is a pleasant experience, while the minimalist dashboard design is achieved without the use of the flimsy touch-capacitive controls. The presence of a head-up display in the base version of the car is also refreshing. pay attention, rivals. The trim in cloth is distinctive in its appearance and feel. The seats aren’t incredibly comfortable but they’re surprisingly comfortable and supportive for long distances. Its instrument panel, just like the infotainment system, looks possibly a bit old-fashioned. It’s still functional, however, with two dials in analog that can be read and a screen inside the space in which a third dial could sit. In terms of storage space, there’s a fairly slim and deep bin in the center of the console under the armrest, where you can also have a 12V outlet as well as two USB outlets. Every door comes with a holder for bottles that can accommodate one 1L-1.25L bottle. There are additional rubber lift-out pads within the holders to reduce the sound of the bottles rolling around. There’s a small shelf that’s located at the bottom of the middle stack it could be the perfect location for charging pads wireless. It might be to fit a little tighter in there, however, especially for smartphones that are larger and more powerful. Enter the back seat – look up at that sleek roofline. Then you’ll be able to find a large back seat that has plenty of legroom. The seatbacks on the front are trimmed in fabric. There are air vents in the rear and map pockets but there are no USB outlets. The headroom isn’t great at 180cm, but with a sexy top-knot (Glad you didn’t say it – Ed. ) I noticed that my hair rubbing against the headliner.

There are 2 ISOFIX as well as three Top-Tether anchors for children’s seats. Due to the roof’s low elevation, you may face more trouble in securing your little ones in comparison to the CX-5 but it’s nothing more difficult than the Camry. The boot space is massive at 474L. However, since it’s a sedan, you can’t carry things that are too high. However, Mazda has a 6-wheeler for those who want to not buy an SUV that’s like everyone else. It’s a Mazda 6. Mazda 6 is rather low and it’s not difficult to get into it. It gives it a more sporty look but doesn’t help accessibility for those more seasoned, less flexible, or who need to manage tiny children. If you’re still in good shape and unaffected by the effects of children who are now in the seat You can save thousands of dollars over the CX-5.

2022 Mazda 6 Sport Specs
2022 Mazda 6 Sport Specs


It produces 140kW of power at 6000rpm, and 252Nm at 4000rpm. It drives the front wheels through a torque-converter with six speeds. It’s a good match to the Camry that produces 152kW/243Nm naturally-aspirated four-cylinder form or 160kW when you go hybrid version. The Octavia is less powerful (110kW) however, it has the same torque number (250Nm) which the one that is at lower revs between 1500rpm and 4000rpm. This is in contrast to the Mazda which has its peak torque available at 4000rpm. Mazda also has the 6 that comes with a turbocharged 170kW/420Nm 2.5-litre however it’s only available for GT SP and Atenza trims. GT SP and Atenza trim.


Its atmo engine isn’t the fastest off the block, but it’s got an excellent mid-range rumble. It also has some nice grunt and sounds better than the four-cylinder engine that comes from Hyundai as well as Kia. For those who want more power, upgrade towards it to GT SP, which has the sweetest sound of a turbocharged engine. While Mazdas have in past been criticized for their level of noise as well as harshness and vibration The Mazda 6-‘s interior is quiet despite highway speed, where there aren’t many winds that can be heard in the interior. The steering is heavy at lower speeds, which some might appreciate, and provides an excellent road feel all around.


In our road loop, which included highway, inner-city and suburban roads We averaged 7.7L/100km. In the course of a few days, including an excursion between Brisbane through The Gold Coast and hinterlands, we slowed down to 7.4L/100km. Officially, the ADR mixed cycle ratings are 7.0L/100km The Sport needs only 91 RON of regular, unleaded fuel. Mazda’s range is covered under an unlimited five-year warranty that includes 5 years of roadside support.