New 2022 Mazda MX-30 Feature Be Available

2022 Mazda MX-30

New 2022 Mazda MX-30 Feature Be Available  – Mazda will be bringing its first all-electric vehicle to market soon in the form of the MX-30 SUV, which will offer a plug-in hybrid variant, too. The subcompact crossover has a sharp exterior design with a coupe-like roofline and rear-hinged back doors similar to those found on the BMW i3 electric car. Many details are still hazy, but the EV Mazda SUV will likely come with a 32.0-kWh battery pack and a 143-hp front-mounted electric motor. Pre-orders have already started for the MX-30 and Mazda says the SUV will go on sale in the United States this October, starting in California before expanding to other states.

2022 Mazda MX-30
2022 Mazda MX-30

What’s New for 2022 Mazda MX-30?

The MX-30 an entirely new model for Mazda it also marks the first time that the Japanese automaker has tinkered with an all-electric motor. It’s the same size as the existing CX-30 crossover, but it borrows the MX designation that is used in the MX-5 Miata which allows us to believe that a more performance-oriented model could be added to the lineup.

Its MX-30 will be available in both Premium Plus and base trims when it debuts on the market, however, the prices are more expensive than the more popular models like those of the Chevrolet Bolt and the Nissan Leaf. Its Premium Plus model adds a variety of options such as an active blind-spot assistant as well as a front cross-traffic warning, the 12-speaker Bose stereo system and heated steering wheels as well as a 360-degree outdoor camera system, and many more.

Engine Specs

The all-electric MX-30 has an electric motor of 143 horsepower that drives the front wheels, but all-wheel drive isn’t possible. We’ve also learned that there’s a plug-in hybrid model that’ll combine an electric motor and gasoline engines that rotate and, therefore, all-wheel drive is in the works. Despite the small horsepower output, the MX-30 will still provide decent performance at lower speeds. However, those looking for speed will discover that rivals like Mini Cooper Electric and Hyundai Kona Electric. Hyundai Kona Electric or Mini Cooper Electric to be more powerful. Mini Cooper Electric offers more performance. If we get the chance to the MX-30 and report back on the article with impressions of driving and the results of tests.

2022 Mazda MX-30 Specs
2022 Mazda MX-30 Specs

Range, Charging, and Battery Life

In comparison to other electric vehicles with similar specs, the MX-30’s 32.0-kWh battery is tiny. Mazda estimates that its range to be just 100 miles on a single charge, which is less than those of Chevrolet Bolt EV and the Kona Electric. The battery is equipped to charge using regular AC power, as well as modern and quicker DC chargers.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

The EPA hasn’t announced estimates for fuel efficiency for the MX-30 however, similar electric vehicles like the Kona Electric and Bolt EV have ratings of 120 or 119 MPGe respectively. We anticipate the MX-30 to be able to get the same rating. For more information on the MX-30’s efficiency in terms of fuel consumption go to the website of the EPA.

2022 Mazda MX-30 Feature

The MX-30’s cabin is built with organic and sustainable materials, such as cork, and comfortable fabric upholstery that is made of recycled bottles of plastic. The front seat space can comfortably fit two adults Americans However, the rear seat is much more cramped in terms of legroom and headroom. A floating console in the center is in style and allows for storage behind a digital screen that can adjust the climate control system in the car. Mazda has a wide array of desirable features that come standard on the MX-30 which includes heated front seats as well as the 7.0-inch electronic gauge, powered sunroof, and an auto-dimming rearview mirror, and much more. We’re not certain how much storage space is available behind the rear seats and if the similarly large CX-3 is an indication, Costco runs may require folding the rear seats in a flat manner.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Alongside the digital panel that controls the MX-30’s climate controls as well as the vehicle’s settings, a second 8.8-inch display is positioned on the dashboard and covers informational features, including a music system, navigation as well as a backup camera. The MX-30 utilizes Mazda’s latest infotainment system, which was launched for the three sedans as well as hatchback models and includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

2022 Mazda MX-30 Interior
2022 Mazda MX-30 Interior


called i-Activsense, the set of standard features offers collision-mitigation and lane-keeping functions to lower the chance of accidents. For more information on the MX-30’s crash test results check out the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) websites. Important safety features include:

  • Standard automated emergency brake with pedestrian detection
  • Standard lane-departure warning, with help to keep the lane
  • Advanced cruise control for standard vehicles.