New 2022 Mazda MX-5 GT RS Will be Available For Sale

2022 Mazda MX-5 GT RS – Its Mazda MX-5 is the happiest new car available and the brand new GT RS specification refines the already balanced “ND” generation of this iconic Japanese roadster. It’s not a flimsy statement The MX-5 is not a luxurious GT car. The MX-5 isn’t practical. It’s not the most technologically savvy, and on the other hand, it’s feeling a bit old-fashioned. These attributes are the core that makes up those features that make up the MX-5 experience. The MX-5 remains an analogue sports car however it is covered by a new-car warranty and at the very least the safety features of a new car.

2022 Mazda MX-5 GT RS
2022 Mazda MX-5 GT RS

2022 Mazda MX-5 GT RS Review

The $47,000 GT RS soft-top is described as track-ready due to the combination of Bilstein dampers BBS aluminium wheels as well as enlarged Brembo front brakes, and the engine bay brace. While these features will aid on the track, they combine for this GT RS – also available as a hardtop for $51,100 – one of the most road-friendly MX-5s from the ND time. However, there are a few missed opportunities that make this GT RS back from being our favourite ND MX-5. The rare and exclusive ND 30th Anniversary, which included all features of the GT RS features bar the engine brace – and also added more comfortable Recaro seats as well as distinctive body colour, is the most modern of models. You’re not able to purchase a 30th-anniversary car, however. It’s impossible to do so. Mazda made these cars available to its loyal customers for 30 years, but they never made it to a dealer forecourt.


The driving dynamic is a significant aspect of the MX-5 experience. That’s why we’ve assigned the highest weighting to the scores this car has scored during our tests. Simply put it is simply put, the MX-5 has the highest value-for-money of any car available. Whatever model you purchase is a must. Mazda MX-5 is a total pleasure to drive. We’d be amazed to find that anyone who drove one of these cars did not leave with smiles on their faces and, well, anyone who can fit in. It’s because the MX-5 is an old-fashioned sporting car driver experience. Two responsive, high-revving non-turbo engine options are available. The manual gearbox standard is an absolute pleasure. The simple, sociable rear-wheel-drive balance is a delight for the driver and lets fun be enjoyed even at speed limits.

Engine & Performance

We still are a huge fan of the price of entry-level MX-5 1.5 ($36,090). Its 1.5-litre engine is the feistier and more powerful of the petrol available and despite being a mere 97kW/152Nm The 1.5 recalls the first NA MX-5 thanks to its weight of only 980kg. However, the RS specifications in the test are only available by using the most powerful and more powerful and torquey 2.0-litre gasoline engine that produces 135kW/205Nm. A six-speed auto is an option for $2,000 across the majority of models with soft tops and Retractable Fastback models, however, the RS is a manual six-speed option only. This shouldn’t be a problem but. Even if you’ve never had a manual before the MX-5 is a good starting point with its highly readable clutch with a bolt-action gear shift and two powerful powertrains that have lots of low-end torque. For experienced manual drivers, you’ll love the pedal spacing, which is ideal for downshifting heel-toe.


The MX-5 is not an extremely silent car which means it’s not ideal for long drives, however an hour or two rides of any Australian capital city to high hills, and returning is possible … we’ve been just looking forward to the comfort in recaros. Recaros that Mazda could have included in the RS specifications. While it is undisputed fact that the MX-5 is among the most compact cars that you can find the MX-5’s adaptive and anticipatory safety features are sensible. GT RS includes forwards AEB which can go up to 80km/h, and reverse AEB which operates between 2 and 8km/h. It also includes blind-spot monitoring that is especially useful with the roof open. It has a passive warning of lane departure (but it is not active holding) and speed stopping, entrance sign detection as well as a rear warning for crossing traffic. There is a reverse camera, however, it’s pretty blurry.

The optimistic view is that the interior of the MX-5 is straightforward. It’s high-end and well-made however, there aren’t many frills to distract you from the driving experience, the factor that’s the primary purpose of an MX-5. The pessimists will be able to note that the majority of parts of cabin fixtures come from a Mazda 2 light hatch that is essentially half the cost of the MX-5. If you take a more balanced approach, you can see that, while the MX-5’s interior is well-designed and isn’t too terrible, by late 2021 the cabin is looking pretty old-fashioned, particularly considering the advancements in the design of interiors that are seen within The Mazda 3 small car and CX-30 small SUV. It’s impossible to overlook just the size of it this case The MX-5 is a small car with a short wheelbase. This is its appeal. drive, but it doesn’t make the sports car for those who are unusually tall or for those with massive frames. This 6-foot-tall but slimly-built test vehicle works perfectly. The MX-5 retains an older design for its interior, which is built around a faux leather shelf with stitching on top of which is a seven-inch touchscreen that is operated by an intuitive rotary dial while in motion. The driver is provided with a large set of pods for instruments, one of the digital – to allow reading out from the trip computer – and two are analogue, namely, A large central tachometer that has an indicator of gears, as well as an unassuming speedo. No speedo’s digital is available, and there is no HUD.

2022 Mazda MX-5 GT RS Interior
2022 Mazda MX-5 GT RS Interior

Infotainment System

Returning to the main screen: the problem isn’t as much with the fact that it’s not firmly connected to the dash but rather that the software running it isn’t the best and older. The maps aren’t high-definition. Cable-driven Apple CarPlay and Android Auto currently, which means you can use these apps to bypass Mazda’s software. Audio is delivered via quite a powerful Bose stereo with small speakers that are integrated into headphones of GT grades, like the GT RS that was tested. It’s a shame that The GT RS didn’t pinch the stunning Recaro seats from the previous special-edition NDs like thirty years ago Anniversary or the 2018 Recaro RF LE. Instead, the standard leather-strapped MX-5 pews are utilized here. They are still lacking adequate lumbar support and lateral support. They’re heated, at the very least and the perforated leather is very soft. Although there’s no electronic adjustment or even a height adjustment, a clever dial in the top of the base lets you alter the crucial hip angle to ensure a comfortable driving posture. Storage space is limited, thanks to removable cup holders with stick-outs that can be placed behind the seat or protruding from the footwell of the passenger.

2022 Mazda MX-5 GT RS Price

Maintenance scheduled for the MX-5 occurs every year or 10,000km. This interval isn’t too long, but it’s the norm for the high-compression petrol engines of Mazda. Five years of maintenance covering 50,000km costs $1,755, which is equivalent to $351 annually. Like all Mazdas Like other Mazdas, the MX-5 is protected by a five-year warranty that covers unlimited miles. The fuel consumption of your vehicle is based on the type of driving you to do However, the MX-5 isn’t the most efficient vehicle for a vehicle that is light. In the many instances from this 2.0-litre MX-5 that we’ve tested with, the average of 7.5L/100km to 8.5L/100km is to be expected. Premium fuel with a minimum of 95 octanes is required to run the MX-5 And take note of that 45-litre tank which gives an uninspiring distance of 500km.

2022 Mazda MX-5 GT RS Redesign
2022 Mazda MX-5 GT RS Redesign

To drive or own to drive an MX-5 is to appreciate the reason why this car is an icon of modern-day motoring. The combination of rear-drive motors, a gorgeous manual gearbox with a super-lightweight, and a connected chassis mean that this car is an absolute pleasure driving’. It’s not practical and will not be suitable for all. For many people, the MX-5 is a car that should be considered a second (or even a third) car. However, those whose lifestyle permits the risk of the MX-5 have a lot to be thankful for. A premium-spec MX-5 could be becoming very expensive right now and has not that affordable yet they have an incredible smiling-per-dollar ratio.