New 2022 Mazda CX-8 GT 2.2D review

2022 Mazda CX-8 GT 2.2D

New 2022 Mazda CX-8 GT – Within Mazda’s very busy SUV lineup, there’s a space between the medium-sized CX-5 and the larger CX-9 for something that’s not too big, but yet not overly small. CX-8 is the 2022 Mazda CX-8 aims to be the perfect step between.

2022 Mazda CX-8 GT 2.2D
2022 Mazda CX-8 GT 2.2D

2022 Mazda CX-8 GT Release Date & Price

A little narrower than the CX-9 and sporting the same wheelbase as well as the flexibility of 3 rows of seats The CX-8 may not be the ideal definition of compact. It does however finds a nice balance between the size and roominess. The CX-8 comes with the possibility of a diesel engine which the petrol-only CX-9 cannot offer. This could be the ideal option for owners of regional properties or those who like to pull, or travels a great deal on the open roads each year. The CX-8 range isn’t a small one it comes offering six different trims, and the choice of either front- or rear-wheel drive, as well as diesel and petrol engines. This CX-8 GT shown here is only available in diesel, but lets buyers decide if they want all-wheel drive or not. The car we’ve tested is equipped with AWD and starts at $63,290 including on-road expenses. If you choose a front-wheel drive, you’ll save $4000 on that cost. When you consider the larger CX-8 selection the petrol models start at $39,000, while diesel goes off at $46,990, all without on-road expenses.

This price and location place this particular model at the mercy of rivals such as the Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander and Kia Sorento GT-Line if you need diesel. Also, there’s the Toyota Kluger GXL Hybrid, should you want something more affordable or maybe a Nissan Pathfinder Ti or the new Skoda Kodiaq when it arrives later in 2022. As of right now, Mazda has sharpened the price by a bit, offering an advertised price of $65,490, which is the price to drive away from CX-8 GT. CX-8 GT, which gets you LED headlights that are LED adaptive front-lighting, power-folding, heated mirrors on the exterior with a sunroof and 19-inch alloy wheels.

2022 Mazda CX-8 GT New Design


There’s a traditional and formal look in the Mazda’s interior. From a clean but formal layout of the dash to the thickly cushioned and soft leather seat surfaces. Although CX-8 GT doesn’t come close to being the most advanced model it’s certainly not missing any important equipment. Leather trim is employed all over, and the front seats are equipped with an electric adjuster as well as the front and outboard second-row seats are equipped with seat heating. The three-zone climate control allows rear passengers to choose their own degree of comfort. A couple of reasonably-sized cupholders are suitable to hold bottles, cans, and the majority of takeaway cups, however, the storage in the center console is a bit small. Even though the CX-8 is spacious inside, Mazda hasn’t opted for clever or hidden storage options to make the most of its dimensions. There aren’t any concerns about the utilization of space for seating However. It’s a spacious feeling of it. CX-8 GT’s interior. although the moody burgundy and black interior may not provide the illusion of spaciousness, it feels spacious inside.


Mazda’s sunroof is small, and it is situated in the front row, however, it does not extend over the second-row seats. The doors to the rear feature blinds that slide up to the window. Second-row seating is well-proportioned and there’s plenty of legroom as well as plenty of headroom and plenty of space on the bench to accommodate three adults comfortably. The Mazda also offers a vast variety of slide adjustment options for second-row seating to allow you to mix and match the spaces between rows.

The entry point to the third row is made with a single-touch quick-fold switch. With large rear doors and ample wide openings, navigating the final row is straightforward however, to fully open the rear doors, you’ll have to make sure you have plenty of space. When you get to the back of the vehicle, you’ll find an ample area to be in terms of width and space, but the roof’s tapered shape encroaches headroom a little, and the tiny side glass limits visibility outward. Mazda considers row 3 as a sort of just-in-case situation. There aren’t any vents for air or controls in row three, however, there are armrests as well as cupholders. The tailgate is behind the car and there’s 209L of space in the boot with the third row running up. If you store the third row, there’s 775L of room, however, Mazda doesn’t have a cargo blind on CX-8. CX-8 (or the mounting points) to shield valuables from being visible.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Mazda’s infotainment system has a 10.25-inch screen on the CX-8 GT However, unlike many competitors in the segment that have touchscreen capabilities The CX-8’s larger screen is equipped with a console-mounted jog wheel to allow inputs. The navigation system, the AM/FM/DAB+ as well as wireless Apple and Android mirroring for phones are available. The system’s default has a simple monochrome menu design which is subtle, but relatively simple to follow thanks to the minimal input method.

2022 Mazda CX-8 GT 2.2D Specs
2022 Mazda CX-8 GT 2.2D Specs

A 10 speaker Bose audio system plays the beats. And for users who are listening to music using their own devices, there is a total of 6 USB points, two of them in each row. However, in the second row, they’re concealed within the armrests, as are the switches for heating the seat making them difficult to reach when all seats are filled. A large-format wireless charger allows for easy fitting of larger-sized phones, however, I did notice that the position of the phone was slightly unstable. You can move your phone to the left so that you don’t forget to charge.

Safety & Technology

The Mazda CX-8 GT comes standard with a wide array of safety equipment, however, being a little older underneath it’s not equipped with the latest features of competitors. There is forward and reverse automated emergency braking, for example, but there is no interfering with intersections. Blind-spot monitoring, driver-attention tracking, lane-keep aid with warning of departure, and speed sign recognition that is linked with the limiter for speed adaptive cruise control and rear cross-traffic warning are also included. The features like a 360-degree camera as well as high-beam assistance are reserved for those with higher prices. CX-8 Asaki as well Asaki LE models.

The CX-8 model has an ANCAP safety rating of five stars as of the year 2018. Adult occupant protection was awarded an average score of 96 percent and child protection was assessed at 87 percent and vulnerable road user (pedestrians or cyclists) protection scored 72 percent, and safety aid systems scored 73 percent.

Fuel Economy

Mazda has a little less of what is expected from the industry and has service intervals of twelve months, or 10,000km rather than the usual 15kkm intervals offered by competitors. The owners who cover long distances every year might have to add extra time. The first five visits with capped prices can cost you up to $1293 over three years or $2357 in five years. Mazda also provides an unlimited five-year warranty. When it comes to week-to-week costs the fuel consumption is an estimated 6.0 Liters per 100 kilometers in testing. On some roads that were not populated with an urban-like mix with highway driving the CX-8 GT returned 6.3L/100km


Although it’s not a high-powered or performance engine, however, the 2.2-liter 4 cylinder diesel engine in the CX-8 seems quite powerful out of the box. Although some diesel might experience an instant of sluggishness at a stop, however, the Mazda is all set to roll. The mid-range is quite robust and it’s able to smoothly use torque rather than shifting gears down. This is a nice feature with the six-speed auto when compared to the more compact eight-speed autos on some competitors. From its 2.2-liter turbo diesel that is four-cylinder Its 2.2-liter turbo diesel Mazda can produce 140kW at 4500rpm, and the equivalent of 450Nm at 2000rpm. This puts it in line with other diesel engines on the market.

The area where the CX-8 distinguishes itself over the competition is its refinement. Mazda has done an excellent job at keeping the engine as well as road noise making the CX-8 an outstanding and smooth cruiser. At night, or high RPM In the city, the 2.2-liter engine makes a deeper and less clattery sound that’s typically used for diesel engines. In light or even partial throttle, it’s not perceptible. It’s not at all the Mazda CX-8 pretending to be an instant hot hatch, however, the steering is a little more weight and tends to feel more instantaneously linked to its front wheel when driving but it lightens with a walk, allowing for parking ease. The suspension also has a sharpness. It is not for everyone to be uncomfortable, but it’s more abrupt in certain smaller bumps and bumps on local roads


If there’s something Mazda can do effectively, it’s creating the best feel and feel for an everyday vehicle including the CX-8 GT is no different. Inside you’ll find an elegant design, quality, and finish that is that can rival similar models of Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. There aren’t many who will compare the seven-seat family hauler against vehicles that aren’t part of the market that is dominated, however in comparison to similar priced family SUVs and SUVs, the CX-8 is a solid choice. This model is offered at a modest cost, but it’s loaded with luxurious elements to draw buyers.

2022 Mazda CX-8 GT 2.2D Redesign
2022 Mazda CX-8 GT 2.2D Redesign

With a spacious interior that can accommodate people (if not always used for cargo) with excellent quality and a smooth ride, It’s easy to forget that the CX-8 is proportioned in the manner it’s. It’s less crowded when driving while offering the three seats in isn’t easy. While the premium CX-8 Asaki models are the highest level of luxury in the lineup The one-step lower CX-8 GT is well-equipped to cater to the most demanding of needs.